Contact the auction house. If your item is of the type the auction house trades with, you need to send a clear color picture of the front and back of the work, the signature or mark of its author, as well as a description that encompasses: techniques, dimensions and other known details; history of the work (where, when and how it was obtained); copies of evaluations, certificates and any literature pertaining to it in case such information exists.

The auction house’s specialists will perform a preliminary estimation of the work before letting you know when and where to provide the item for the auction. The estimation of the work is free for the owner.

Every estimation is conditional and is not grounds for stipulation or guarantee for an actual selling price. The “Rakursi” estimations are to be used only by the owner and for concluding a consignation contract between him and the auction house. They cannot be used by the owner or third parties for purposes other than this, neither can they be published

The seller guarantees “Rakursi” and the buyer that he is the undisputed owner of the item offered for sale, that the item is not burdened by any kinds of claims, disputes, distraints, stipulations or pledges, and that he can lawfully pass over the ownership of the item.

In case the work is purchased at the auction, the auction house pays the owner the value of the work: the selling price reduced by the commission of the auction house and eventual preliminarily arranged expenses (such as restoration, copyright payment, insurance, transportation, etc.). Payment is done not earlier than seven workdays after the buyer’s payment is received in the auction house. In case the work is not purchased, the owner must collect the work from the auction house as soon as possible, at any rate not later than three workdays following the auction. In case of an uncollected work after this term, the owner pays for storage based on regular rates for every day overdue. After this term has expired, all risks concerning the item are passed over to the owner.



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